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Our Mission

Join your hosts, Fred and Merck, on the mission to normalize adult experiences, and inspire others to talk about difficult subjects. With a good dose of tequila and lots of fun, we'll get you talking in no time!

We inspire others to talk

We believe that it’s important to talk about difficult topics in order to build stronger relationships. Our podcast is designed to help you open up and share your stories.

We normalize adult experiences

We want to show you that it’s ok to talk about your struggles. You are not alone, and there are people out there who can relate.

We have fun

We don’t take ourselves too seriously! We like to have fun, drink tequila, and laugh. Join us for an entertaining podcast experience!

Get to know Merck

She's cute, she's sweet, a lot of fun to meet LOL! I aspire to align my actions with my desired outcomes. So far, my accomplishments include becoming the first medical doctor in my family, owning my own Family Practice, and becoming a mother. I'm so excited and ready for our podcast journey!

Get to know Fred

Bomb ass photo will be here.

Yuurrpp. I go by Fred, Freddy, Fredo, Fredrique...and a few more. If I look back on all my "nicknames," I see that each name holds a different meaning and value. I need, appreciate and love each one because they made me who I am; a crazy, funny adventurous, compassionate, positive, loving person (there are a few more but let's move along LOL). Hopefully, when you listen to our podcast, you'll get to see a few of those and learn a little bit about who I am. But guess what? I'm still figuring it out! I hope to gain a better sense of myself as we share these time stamps of our lives. Really unlearning the toxic things, relearning things, or learning completely new things about myself. I believe that I am WHO I am, not who or what anyone told me; but what I decide at any given point is ME.

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